Hello, I am Dario

I’ am a  Computer Engineer, Webmaster e Social Media Manager

I studied at University of Naples Federico II

Faculty of Computer Engineering, bachelor’s and master’s degree with maximum final grade. 

Specialist in Digital Marketing

Social Advanced and Traffic Academy to acquire strategy of digital marketing increasing revenues and visibility.

Since 2013, with passion and experience

I have always been fascinated by the great possibilities that technology can offer us, I immediately immersed myself in the world of Web Design, combining my communication and strategy skills. 

My services should not be analyzed in an atomic way but should be placed in a broader context: I study the environment that surrounds your company and, subsequently, I create a precise action plan to achieve the growth objectives set.

One of my tasks is to make sure that, after my intervention, you can evolve independently. My services are therefore essential for those who intend to rely on a competent figure to guide them in the digital age.

With creativity, strategy and technical knowledge of the different channels, I effectively decline content to effectively convert with the target audience.

Reach new contacts increasing your visibility.

Being present on the web is important, being reachable is even more so. Through localization, indexing and growth strategies I will help you in making your product, your person or your business more visible and effective.
I create: Advertisement plansCommunication plansGrowth plans | Website | Ecommerce | Marketing plans | Social Media ManagementSupport for the development of new brands 

Consultant of your digital identity



I study your digital identity and create an ad-hoc action plan to improve it according to your needs.

Content Managing


I choose and create the best content to make your new digital image captivating and seductive.



I apply the most suitable marketing techniques to reach and capture new possible contacts.

Getting you noticed is my priority

Getting you noticed is my priority

Getting you noticed is my priority

Getting you noticed is my priority

Getting you noticed is my priority

Getting you noticed is my priority